About Us
yushly.com is a platform where one can find all the professionals for repair and maintenance along with the relevant information about them. A genuine platform for getting relevant information about the nearest available workmen will come handy for those who are recently shifted to new surroundings. The target audience mainly comprises of the professionals and students who seldom have the idea about the surroundings where they have recently moved in. A majority of these segments is very familiar with and responsible for the eCommerce boom in India. And hence their huge presence online cannot be neglected. Yushly is a step to provide doorstep home services to these segments on their familiar platform in the easiest way. A small company with a big vision. That’s how we define our team of 50+ highly dedicated professionals who are committed to deliver nothing but the best. We are always motivated towards bringing the positive change to our society, we wore our thinking caps to create a great product.