How to be your Handyman?
June 06, 2017

How to be your Handyman?

You live in a house after spending a handsome amount of money but still have to deal with a ton of simple and never ending required fixes. But you don't have to spend large amount of money on them for fixing when you can get solutions with your Tricky Mind. You must be wondering how? Let us tell you the best and simple hacks that the simple things provide without any complexity.

1. Painting the Screws:- Simplest things that look small but are equally important as other things in house. Screws are important as all your doors, windows and furniture rely on them, so thinking of screws losing their grip sounds a bit frustrating. So now you know that painting your Screws hold the grip for much longer than using them directly, try following this step from now.

2. Putting Screws in a walls:- Need to put screws in a wall but don't have access to a plier, You don't have to worry about that because you can get this done perfectly with the help of a Comb. Yes, you heard it right, Just Hold the Comb Parallelly to wall and put the Screw in a comb tightly enough to hold it steady

3. Fill Nail Holes:- The easiest and the simplest way to fill a Nail Hole is to use a Soap or crayon and rub it over that particular Hole and it will be perfect. Just Make sure you use the same color as of your wall.

4. Oiling and greasing Motors:- All Engines and Motors require Lubrications. As it highly effects the performance and gives maximum output if done properly. So Its highly important to consider a couple of points before oiling a Machine. First clean the Machine or Motor properly before applying Oil or Grease. Then put a few drops of Oil and turn the Machine ON. Don't use too much oil as Quantity also Matters. So use only sufficient quantity that can reach every point in that Machine. Over Oiling and Greasing also effects performance and Life.

5. Cleaning Glass in your House with Newspaper:- This may sound odd but your Grandparents were right, Newspapers can clean any kind of Glass in your House as Newspapers are made up of Fibres with no solid material. So it was not just a Myth, Its true to use a Newspaper to clean any Glass in your House.

6. Use Toothpaste to remove scratches on Car:- Got scratches on your New Car? Don't worry its part of life as More you drive its more likely that your car gets scratches. So Just Clean the area well before applying anything there and Rub the toothpaste gently using a damp cloth. and BOOM, You will see it fading away. But use just a small quantity of it can also fade away that area if used is much quantity.

7. Use small Felt Pads on doors:- Annoyed with door slamming? It can be fixed using this simple hack. Just place a couple of Felt Pads inside the door frame. Place them as such so they are in the direct contact before Door hits the frame to avoid sound. So its one of the simplest hacks one should know.

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