How to Clean a Refrigerator on your own?
September 06, 2017

How to Clean a Refrigerator on your own?

Cleaning of home appliances is a very important part of our daily life to make every consumable product hygienic for safety purposes and for that, refrigerator has to be cleaned in the daily routine. Make a cleaning schedule and follow that daily or on alternate days and check the fridge accordingly to deal with any new spills using the specific formulated cleaning products. Fridge cleaning can be made a whole lot easier if you regularly maintain your fridge’s cleanliness. has been providing the these top class services at your doorstep that too with an assurance of quality and timely delivery of service. You can do the cleanliness by yourself but when your appliances stop working or functioning properly, then without any delay, book a specialist on for any service or repair. Our technicians fix up the issues within minutes, well all you have to do is sit back and relax and enjoy your cup of coffee while the technician fixes up the problem for you.

Did you know that cleaning up the refrigerator ensures that the it would function with its best possible efficiency while producing that clean and high quality ice that you always wanted. And not to forget that it also maintains the right temperatures for the stored products and ultimately making them safe for use. Even Ice machine manufacturers normally recommend cleaning and sanitizing ice machines at least every 6 months.

Contaminants like algae, slime, calcium or even lime scale may upsurge on the inside of the ice machine if not cleaned regularly. You don't want these contaminants to have any harmful effects in your ice production and not to forget the untimely failure of the machine’s parts may occur too. Not cleaning can have bad effects on the health of the users by consuming the unsafe products.

Basic cleaning includes wiping down the internal parts of the ice machine, like the evaporator plate. However, deep cleaning involves running cleaner and sanitizer through the machine. In addition, some of the ice machine’s key parts may be removed, inspected, and manually cleaned. For the complete instructions, follow the process as below:

• Remove all food from the refrigerator – this will allow you to clean all the corners and crevices.
• Remove any fridge drawers or shelves and soak in warm water mixed with dishwashing soap.
• Use a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid to wipe the interior.
• Use baking soda to remove stubborn stains.
• Follow the instructions on any cleaning products with care.

Natural products can be very helpful when cleaning a refrigerator as they are more secure ways to keep the appliances clean and sterile. Regular baking soda can be great for removing stains and riveting bad odours, while white vinegar is fine for cleaning any stainless steel elements, including refrigerator doors if you have a stainless steel model. Just memorize to test on a small area first to check there are no bad effects.

List of things required:

A Cooler With Ice
Lots of Fresh Cleaning Cloths
Dish Soap
Hot Water
Plastic Non-Abrasive Scrubber
Vinegar or Glass Cleaner ( for stainless steel models)
Dishwashing Gloves
Vacuum Cleaner (with crevice and brush attachments)

Standard procedures for maintaining a clean refrigerator:

Avoid putting raw chicken/meat or any other form of raw meat in the same refrigerator with any of the cooked foods.
You can reduce the risk of food infectivity by keeping raw meats and fish on the top shelves of your fridge, so juices don’t leak onto food below.
Detach cooked and raw food in the same way, for the same reason.
Put away ingredients as soon as you have used them – most jars of food and condiments, once opened, should be stored in the refrigerator instead of a cupboard.
Clean up contaminants as soon as possible, while they’re fresh. This will make deep cleaning your fridge easier and will remain your food areas hygienic.

Importance of Cleaning the Refrigerator Keeping ice machines clean often helps to prolong the life of the machine and reduce the need for servicing. can design, install, service and repair of the electrical systems and home appliances in exact accordance with the accurate industry standards for you at your doorstep, the service you need is just a booking away. provides the highest quality of service ensuring that the customers get what they deserve - the best services at the best possible prices.

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