How to get rid of pests
September 06, 2017

How to get rid of pests

Insects are mostly more a trouble than harmful. Most may bite and cause burning sensation and rashes which are harmful and troublesome. However fairly a few insects can harm humans or cause hurt indirectly. Other pests can become not only a health risk but also develop the property damage and reduce the enjoyment and use of your property.

In the rainy season, insects multiply with much greater speeds, so some measures should be taken for preventive control. Pest Treatments in late autumn, winter and early spring avoids the young from rising, yet is still very effectual on lasting adults for months to come. Combining this strategy with hygienic housekeeping practices ensures a pest free household.

Keep bugs and critters away from your home and yard this summer with the following pest control practices.

• Block Their Entry to Your Home
Your first line of guard is to make it difficult for pests to even find an entry to your home. Check all your screens for holes, and repair if you find any. Check around your doors and windows for gaps, and change window stripping when needed.

• Clean Your Kitchen
A lot of crumbs on your counter or floor is like a treasure box to ants and other insects. Let them find cache elsewhere - outside and far away from your home by making sure you put forward no treasure to be found in your own kitchen. Clean your counters, flounce your floors, put food away immediately, and take out the trash regularly.

• Get Rid of Standing Water
Removal of standing water is the first step to control mosquitoes. Standing water is a breeding land for mosquitoes, and a big, fat summons for mosquitoes to start a family. It’s easy to miss standing water sometimes, so often walk your property to check for it. Look in rain spouts, test for leaks near your air conditioning unit, and pick up toys left spread throughout the yard.

• Maintain Your Yard
Keep your landscaping maintained to avoid overgrowth that is perfect for pests and their nests. Trim bushes and trees that are near your house, collect up debris.

• Eat Your Fruits and Veggies
Don’t let fruits and veggies get too ripe on your counter. If you do, the fruit flies will call themselves in for a spell and reducing fruit flies is a headache you don’t want.

• Store Your Firewood Properly
Don’t give termite’s free access to your home. If you store firewood, keep it away from your house or shack. Five feet should be the least distance, but if you can store it even far away, you’ll be in better form. Also, store it in racks above the ground.

• Use a Pest Control Service
Hire a local pest control service to come to your home and regularly spray for bugs and rodents common to your area.

Our professional Pest Technicians will inspect and make effective treatment of your pest problem. Each treatment location will be checked to most effectively control or destroy the pests involved. The treatment program will include:

Liquid spray: Interior/exterior treatment Pests, including spiders and large cockroaches are best restricted with fine mist sprays directed into ordinary breeding areas. We use an advanced formula with low smell.

Crack and crevice treatment: Permethrin Powder is applied to areas where cockroaches and other pest are likely to harbor. Gels, sticky baits, and ant cafes can be used when needed to control outbreaks of the cockroaches, black ants etc.

Wall and/or roof void treatment & sub-floor: We spot, target and eliminate general pests inside your premises, such as spiders, silverfish, cockroaches etc. inside and outside your premises.

Fleas: Specific treatments for fleas can be carried out as part of your routine pest treatment, or as a stand-alone targeted treatment.

We want you to know that when you call us for your pest control desires, we will be right there with our highly trained professionals, who know how to inspect your home, property, they find and locate exactly what they need to do to keep you pest-free and worry free. Call now to get free of Pests.

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